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Compliance with laws and regulations
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Respect for others
It is only allowed to register under one pseudonym to post in this discussion space. It is imperative to respect the opinions, beliefs, and differences of other users. It is forbidden to spread false or unverified information that might harm or endanger other users.

For information purposes only
This discussion space is designed for exchanging experiences, sharing views and building the community of people with haemophilia who have inhibitors, their family members and caregivers.

Any message in this discussion space must be treated as informative and as a strictly personal view, and in no circumstances should be perceived as medical advice. Only healthcare professionals are entitled to share general and non-personal medical advice. Any message containing suggestions in the form of personal medical advice should in no circumstances replace the advice of the treating doctor.

No diagnostic conversations
Experience of your condition is unique and these experiences are individual to every patient. It should be noted and indicated that the experiences and stories shared in this forum are solely individual and descriptive of the user’s own case. No diagnoses should be offered in the discussions and personal experiences should not be generalized.

No treatment recommendation
Treatment is strictly an individual domain and is provided by the treating doctor only. The treatment choices of other patients must be respected and special care should be paid when discussing specific treatment products due to several reasons, e.g. accessibility to treatment and treatment product variability between European countries; the treatment is individual and should be supervised by the treating doctor; no preference should be indicated for a specific product or category of products in this forum.

No form of advertisement
No form of advertisement is allowed in this forum. This applies not only to treatment, but also to clinical trials, registries, doctors, or any type of care facilities. Any proposal for services is forbidden.

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Writing messages
To facilitate and channel discussions, it is advisable to clearly identify the subject in the subject line of a new discussion thread. When responding to a message it is advisable to use the same subject line.

Messages should be short and clear, avoiding slang and abbreviations that might not be understood by everyone. It should be taken into account that English most likely will not be the first language for most users of this discussion space.