Hannele Kareranta, Finland

My bleeding disorder was only discovered and got a name when I was 6 years old, in the year 1956. The biggest problem for me has been the bleeds into the joints, so as an adult I had very bad joints. When I was almost 20 years old, finally there was a medicine for the bleeds, but very soon it was discovered that it did not help and an inhibitor was diagnosed.


Without a treatment for the inhibitor but with huge amounts of factor, I have given birth to two healthy children and have had orthopedic operations. Since 15 years I have been allowed to use medicine at home against joint bleedings, now I can take it in advance. Since 4 years I have successfully been treated to weaken the inhibitor. Now I am 66 years old, still working as a eye doctor and a happy grand mother for my son’s son.