If you did not have an opportunity to take part in the “Happy 1/2 Hour with an Expert in Haemophilia Care” that interested you, or you would like to have another look at the discussions, all the questions and answers are published on this page in form of short, downloadable articles. 

Gradually, we are transforming the past “Happy 1/2 Hour with an Expert in Haemophilia Care” sessions into podcasts. Some of the sessions already available on the Sound Cloud playlist.


The past sessions of “Happy 1/2 Hour with an Expert in Haemophilia Care” focused on following themes:

1 November 2018: Importance of the dental care for haemophilia patients with inhibitors

29 November 2018: Physiotherapy and the joy of movement – the risks and benefits for people with inhibitors

31 January 2019: Surgery for people who have haemophilia with inhibitors

28 February 2019: Psychosocial questions in inhibitor care

25 March 2019: Home treatment and Self-infusion

25 April 2019: Employment issues

30 May 2019: Parenting a child with inhibitors

25 June 2019: Pain management

25 October 2019: Fitness for people with inhibitors

10 February 2020: How to become an expert patient? Communication with your NMO and HTC

25 March 2020: Adaptive devices to make life easier! 

22 April 2020: Emicizumab. Practical aspects and implications

25 May 2020: Gene therapy prospects for people with inhibitors

22 June 2020: How to care for those who care? Care for caregivers

25 September 2020: Children asking their questions about inhibitors

28 October 2020: Immune Tolerance Induction (ITI) and emicizumab

25 November 2020: Impact of COVID-19 crisis on people with inhibitors

25 February 2021: How to find the light at the end of the tunnel – psychosocial impact of COVID-19

25 March 2021: Inhibitor Connection: People with inhibitors in the life of their National Member Organisation (NMO)

25 May 2021: The importance of physical activity during COVID-19 pandemic

28 June 2021: Access to multidisciplinary care