A major clinical development landmark in 2018 was the licensing of one novel product for use in patients with inhibitors. There are other novel therapies and by-passing agents in the pipeline and the future is looking bright for treatment for people with inhibitors. 

Therefore it is crucial that people with inhibitors and their caregivers have a general overview and understanding of the rapidly evolving landscape of medicinal product development in rare bleeding disorders.

To ensure this we present here the EHC Novel Treatment Product Newsletter that provides the readers with information on recent major developments and is divided by specific type of disorder for which there is an update to report. This newsletter will be updated periodically.

The information provided in this newsletter was compiled from multiple sources, including presentations at recent scientific meetings (e.g. EHC New Technologies workshop, EAHAD Congress), websites (e.g. www.clinicaltrials.gov) and by writing directly to pharmaceutical companies. It was then redrafted and presented in easy-to-understand language by EHC PARTNERS project consultant Declan Noone.

The EHC greatly welcomes all treatment developments that may benefit patients in the future. The EHC takes no position on any product type or class reported in this newsletter.

We hope that the information provided herein is useful and are available for any questions.

You can access the newsletter here.