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Have you seen the ASK THE EXPERT question?!

Fiona EHC
Thu, 18 Jan 2018 09:46:50 GMT

What are your concerns and questions when it comes to venous access? Each month on the EHC Inhibitor Community Platform, we will have a new ASK THE EXPERT opportunity for patients or parents of a child with haemophilia and inhibitors. We invite you to submit your questions on a specific theme to experts in one of the key areas of multidisciplinary care - haematology, physiotherapy, nursing care or psychosocial care. This is a great opportunity to ask questions from the comfort of your own home and to also learn from other questions that may be asked by people in the community. This month the topic is 'Venous Access.' Please submit your questions on our website at We will then turn them over to our medical experts and post the answers at the end of the month!