Inhibitor Ambassadors

The EHC Inhibitor Working Group (IWG) oversees general content of the European Inhibitor Network programme and collaborate closely with EHC National Member Organisations (NMOs) in order to ensure exchange of information and experiences.

To facilitate this process, each EHC NMO was asked to nominate a person to be the NMO Inhibitor Ambassador. The main role of the Inhibitor Ambassador is to be the link between the European Inhibitor Network and people affected by inhibitors in the respective country, which also includes:

  • Reporting to the NMO about the work of the IWG;
  • Promoting the EIN activities within the NMO;
  • Sharing information with the IWG about relevant initiatives/publications on the national/ regional levels.

For more information please find the Inhibitor Ambassador guidelines here.

If you are looking for more detailed information about inhibitor treatment and management in your country or want to get in touch with other people and families affected by inhibitors, find the Inhibitor Ambassador in your country by contacting the coordinator of the European Inhibitor Network, Kristine Jansone.