An important aspect of the EHC European Inhibitor Network (EIN) programme is the sharing and exchange of information between its National Member Organisations (NMOs). This is a simple thing that the NMOs can do to enable people with inhibitors to be more actively involved in the activities of their NMOs, and will allow NMOs to better tailor programmes for their members with inhibitors and their caregivers.

Through sharing good practices, the NMOs can learn from each other and potentially create services that might not yet exist in their respective countries, or adapt existing ones in order to improve them. This will also hopefully trigger further collaboration between the NMOs with regard to the involvement of people with inhibitors, thus strengthening the EIN and the relations between the NMOs and resulting in better support of people with inhibitors and their caregivers.

In this section of the EIN on-line platform, you will find some good practices shared by EHC NMOs, which we encourage you to read and put into practice by adapting them to your local communities. We also encourage you to share any relevant good practices from your NMO or your experience with us so we can add them to this platform.