The EHC Pre-Conference workshop “Finding ways for better inclusion of people with inhibitors in the life of the NMO” will take place prior the EHC Annual Conference on Thursday, 4 October 2018, Brussels, Belgium (arrivals foreseen for Wednesday night).

The workshop will aim to explore the challenges with ensuring participation of people with inhibitors (PWI) in the life of the EHC NMOs and seek to develop tailored action plans for inclusion and involvement of PWI in the NMOs taking part in the workshop. As other EHC community-oriented events, this workshop will seek to be as interactive and engaging as possible, and aim to provide ideas, examples and tools for inclusion and involvement of PWI, offer peer support and stimulate cross-border initiatives.

Two representatives from each NMO are invited to attend:

  • One senior NMO leader (e.g. President, Vice-President, Board Member, CEO)
  • One person with inhibitors from your NMO community who is committed to helping to achieve better inclusion of PWI in your NMO.

The registration to this event is now open and will close on 27 july.
Participants who wish to attend this event, should get in touch with their respective NMO.
For further information (not registrations), please contact Kristine Jansone at the EHC office.

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