The EHC Inhibitor Summit 2019 will take place in Barretstown, Ireland from Thursday 28 November in the evening until Sunday 1 December at lunchtime.
The purpose of the Inhibitor Summit is to offer a special time and space for people with haemophilia who have inhibitors, as well as their family members and caregivers, to build a community, to help to educate and empower themselves and to improve the quality of their lives. In addition, the Summit will offer the possibility of spending time in a relaxing environment and enjoying activities together.

The programme of the Inhibitor Summit will consist of both informational and practical workshops. An important part of the programme will be dedicated to peer-to-peer sessions and exchange between the participants. The programme will also accommodate a variety of needs:

  • Russian interpretation will be available for the members of the Russian-speaking community.
  • Special activity programmes will be designed for children and teenagers, with the necessary language support provided by the volunteers of the respective NMOs.
  • Socialising and evening programmes will be facilitated.

The first draft of the programme-at-a-glance can be consulted here.

The Inhibitor Summit will be an event dedicated exclusively to people with haemophilia who have inhibitors, their caregivers and family members.
We kindly invite each NMO to send up to 4 individuals in total from the below categories:

  • An adult with haemophilia who has inhibitors
  • A caregiver/partner of an adult with haemophilia who has inhibitors
  • A child with haemophilia who has inhibitors
  • Parents/siblings of a child with haemophilia who has inhibitors

The registration to this event is now open and will close on Monday, 30 September. To register please contact your National Member Organisation (NMO)! For further information (not registrations), please contact Kristine Jansone at the EHC office.

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