Ask the expert!

Every month the European Inhibitor Network will offer its members the possibility to ask questions to experts in one of the areas of multidisciplinary care – haematology, physiotherapy, nursing care or psychosocial care.

The questions will be collected and compiled during the first calendar week of every month and then passed on to experts in the EHC community. All the questions and answers will be published here within the next weeks. 

Collection of questions on the January theme of venous access is now closed. The answers will be posted the week of February 12th. 

The theme for February is dental care. Usage of factor during dental procedures, kids with haemophilia and inhibitors that need braces, breakthroughs in dental care (and there are a lot!), preventative measurements….whatever comes to mind, ask away whenever from the comfort of your home! 

Please write your questions and suggestions for future themes here.