Dr Maria Elisa Mancuso

On 31 January 2019 the monthly edition of “Happy 1/2 Hour with an Expert in Haemophilia Care” took place. We had invited Dr Maria Elisa Mancuso from Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico in Milan, Italy to discuss with our participants about the possibilities of surgery for people who have haemophilia with inhibitors.

Dr Mancuso covered the following aspects of surgery in patients with haemophlia and inhibitors:

  • feasibility with standard bypassing therapy;
  • need of haematological expertise and experience;
  • need of strict clinical monitoring;
  • and role of novel therapies.

Dr Mancuso stressed the imortance of Elective_surgery_and_haemophilia_with_inhibitors, while most of the questions circled around Surgery_and_novel_therapies.

In the same time, emergency surgery can occur and it does occur.

The most important is to try and have the surgery in a hospital where a haematologist is available. So the haemophilia treatment comprehensive care centre (HTCCC) or the hospital where the haemophilia treatment centre (HTC) is, in order for a haematologist to be together with the surgeon.

And the second thing, when I think of smaller hospitals, is that the patient always needs to have his own factor concentrate / treatment product with him. It may happen that the patient enters an emergency room in a hospital, which is not familiar with the disease at all. So they may use plasma, which is not useful for a patient with hemophilia, at least the patient would have couple of doses with them.

We send a million thanks to Dr Maria Elisa Mancuso for the lovely and very educational chat!

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