This session is also available as a podcast on the EHC Soundcloud!

On 28 February 2019 the “Happy 1/2 Hour with an Expert in Haemophilia Care” focused on psychosocial issues in inhibitor management. We had invited psychotherapist Ms Nicola Dunn from Royal Free Hospital in London, UK. 

The subject of psychosocial issues is a very difficult them not address as there are many questions to ask from many different perspectives and about different actors involved in inhibitor care.  With the idea in mind that this session was a starter to the further thoughts and discussions, we still managed to address a variety of questions. 

The discussion started with looking at what is Emotional_health_and_embracing_change in the light of novel treatment products and then moved into more specific questions related to the specific groups of people. 

The Challenges_of_the_Older_Generation that has gone through the hardships of no real treatment options available or living the time of tainted blood were discussed in comparison to the whole different outlook to life of the young generation of people with haemophilia now. 

The Importance_of_Social_Life was highlighted in order to maintain good quality of life, as well as a healthy relationship in a couple and with oneself, alongside with importance of small things in the matters of Selfcare_for_Caregivers.

Finally, important questions about allowing risk versus over-protecting one’s child were discussed in the section about Parenting_Children_with_Inhibitors.

We send a million thanks to Ms Dunn for the lovely and very educational chat!