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On 25 June 2019 the “Happy 1/2 Hour with an Expert in Haemophilia Care” focused on pain management. We had invited physiotherapist Mr Paul Mc Laughlin from Royal Free Hospital in London, UK. 

In haemophilia care pain management is rather prominent subject as despite the novel treatment products available to many, including the inhibitor population, the pain remains a major issue. 

To start the conversation, the meaning of Acute and chronic pain was explained, outlining the main features. Then the Role of the physiotherapist in pain management was discussed at length, especially highlighting the necessity of being physically active, as well as being aware of ones body and being able to recognise movement patterns. 

Finally, the situation with regards to pain management was discussed in the light of Novel treatments, putting special focus on pain education, patient involvement in understanding pain, as well as featuring a reminder about drugs used in pain management.

We send a million thanks to Mr McLaughlin for the lovely and very educational chat!