On 30 May 2019 the “Happy 1/2 Hour with an Expert in Haemophilia Care” focused on parenting a child with an inhibitor. Our guest was a mum of an already adult patient who until quite recently did have an inhibitor, which was then eradicated in a successful ITI. 

The discussion was very emotionally rich and touching, as well as provided some very good insights and useful advice with the overarching positivity and good humour. 

The conversation started by looking into what it means to parent a child with haemophilia and inhibitors, as well as How to become an expert parent and know what your child needs and ho to ask for it from the health care professionals.

Then the Pivotal ages and  the challenges I terms of inhibitors at those ages were discussed, as well as how to cope with them. 

Finally, the unavoidable consecration about Management of the parental guilt was touched upon, with a conclusion that it is all about the communication.

We send a million thanks to our guest for the lovely and very educational chat!