Welcome to the European Inhibitor Network online platform!

This website is a combination of an online inhibitor library and a virtual community, making it one of a kind. It provides a space for people with inhibitors to seek information and resources, as well as discuss and share their daily challenges. A section dedicated to caregivers and parents will offer information specifically tailored for them and a section dedicated to National Member Organisations (NMOs) will provide ideas, experiences and activity suggestions for them to implement within their own inhibitor communities.

Visitors can find useful information about inhibitors, advice on day-to-day issues, travel and professional guidelines. But the most powerful part of this website is the meeting point or chat room. Connect with other peers just to talk or to exchange experience and advice.

There is also an opportunity to speak with medical professionals and ask questions on a topic of concern in the section “Ask the Expert.”


Help us to improve the content of this online platform by suggesting topics that would be interesting and important to you! Do not hesitate to contact the EHC Inhibitor Programme Officer Kristine Jansone with your suggestions or any questions!