Inhibitor Working Group

The European Inhibitor Network is coordinated by the Inhibitor Working Group (IWG) − a group of volunteers, consisting of patients, health care professionals and patient organisation representatives. The IWG is in charge of overseeing the EIN programme and it collaborates closely with EHC NMOs.

Here, you can meet the Inhibitor Working Group!

EHC Inhibitor Working Group during the EHC Conference 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. From left to right: S. Hartwig, C. Burgess, M. Jokic, Dr P. Giangrande, M. Crato, T. Pereira, K. Jansone and, behind the scenes, Jim O’Leary

Christina Burgess
United Kingdom 

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Miguel Crato
Portuguese Hemophilia Society

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Dr Paul Giangrande

Chair, Oxford, United Kingdom

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Steffen Hartwig
German Haemophilia Society

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Mirko Jokic
Serbian Haemophilia Society

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Jim O’Leary
Irish Haemophilia Society

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Teresa Pereira
Portuguese Haemophilia Society

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