About the European Inhibitor Network

The European Inhibitor Network is a programme of the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC), which seeks to address the variety of needs of people who have haemophilia with inhibitors.

The number of people with inhibitors is often very small nationally. Therefore, it can be difficult to meet the specific needs of this sub-group of the haemophilia community and address the personal and systemic challenges faced. Those challenges can include lack of information, insufficient treatment, mobility constraints, social and financial barriers, psychosocial impact, etc.

This situation can be changed by acting on a European level – just as the European Inhibitor Network seeks to do! The programme aims to: understand the needs of people with inhibitors and look at ways to meet how those needs; build a community of people with inhibitors and their families and caregivers; allow mutual support, education and empowerment through online and face-to-face exchanges. It also seeks to provide people with inhibitors with the information, education and advocacy training to engage directly with decision-makers. Finally, it is the objective of the EHC to work closely with medical experts towards a framework for treatment and care that could possibly bridge the gaps of inhibitor treatment in Europe and ensure that every person in Europe who has haemophilia with inhibitors can receive appropriate treatment and care.

Do not hesitate to contact the EHC Inhibitor Programme Officer Kristine Jansone if you have any questions regarding the EIN programme!


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