Since the beginning of the European Inhibitor Network (EIN), we have been asking what is the role of people with inhibitors and their caregivers in their own National Member Organisation (NMO). Is there enough support, information, resources, activities? And very often the answer is “No” – it is too small group or there are not enough resources…
But what if we asked from the other side? What if we looked from the perspective of patients and caregivers themselves and what their contribution can be to improve the life of people with inhibitors in their NMO and in their country?
For this month’s “Happy 1/2 Hour with an Expert in Haemophilia Care” we would like to invite you to a panel discussion with two people who represent the patient side. Joyce van Steenbergen from the Netherlands and Milovan Kumovic from Serbia will discuss their involvement in their own NMOs and support to the inhibitor community.
Join us and share your thoughts and experience! The session will take place on Thursday, 25th March at 19:00 CET.
To register for the event click here.

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