Today we want to propose you an article found on PubMed and authored by Natalie Uhlenbusch, Bernd Löwe, Martin Härter, Christoph Schramm, Christina Weiler-Normann and Miriam K. Depping that explores the depression and anxiety in patients with different rare chronic diseases. 

The authors acknowledge that the empirical evidence on depression and anxiety in patients with rare diseases is scarce but can help improve comprehensive treatment. The objectives of their study were to investigate the frequency of depression and anxiety in this heterogeneous population of patients and to examine aspects associated with increased psychopathology.

The data reveal first insights into depression and anxiety in patients with different rare diseases. High percentages of patients showed clinically relevant symptom burden. No diagnosis-related differences were found in depression while anxiety seems to be particularly frequent in patients with rare diseases of the circulatory system. Besides perceived somatic symptom severity, cognitive appraisal seems to be linked to depression.

The very important conclusion, that also reflects the principle 9 of European Principles of Inhibitor Management, states that supporting patients in coping with their disease may help reduce psychopathology and therefore improve overall health.

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. 2019; 14(2): e0211343.
Published online 2019 Feb 20. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0211343

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