Inhibitox is the new superhero that will soon inhabit the community platform and “fly-in” with helpful information and facts to accompany the website content throughout the different pages. Nine-year-old Isaac Miller from the UK submitted Inhibitox to the ‘Inhibitor Superhero’ artwork competition, organised by the Inhibitor Working Group (IWG) of the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC). Children between the ages of 7-15 who wanted to take part were asked how they envision their superhero and to create him/her with the intent to encourage kids with inhibitors in the difficult situations they face, teach them about their condition and give positive examples for their daily life! 

The winner was announced at the EHC Inhibitor Summit 2017, which took place in Barrestown, Ireland from November 30th-December 3rd. 

Full explanation of Inhibitox: 



The Inhibitor Working Group had the difficult task of choosing the Inhibitor Superhero among all the great artwork submitted.

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